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Uncensored info is a web site that hooks you up with links to other sites that are free from the censorship of big tech like Google, youtube, facebook, twitter etc. Unfortunately these social media companies think that they know whats best for our minds and are trying to brainwash the public into complete submission to their tyrannical ideals. Freedom, liberty and critical thought is not something that they would like to promote. Complete control over our lives and wallets is what they seek. The American public should be free to choose their own ideals and values and not have some  New World Order agenda shoved down their throats. Please create a login profile and  and be connected to a world of morals and integrity and be afforded the opportunity to make up your own minds about the world around you.

The Time has come for the individual to assert itself against the System. If We do not stand up now, our posterity will blame us for being cowards and our lack of backbone will de

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